We are pleased to be able to offer some services free of charge to our enrolled patients. These include:

  • Care for all children enrolled under the age of 13 years
  • Maternity care up until the 13 weeks of pregnancy
  • POAC or Primary Options for Acute Care
  • Some diabetes services such as referral to Retinal screening programs and podiatry
  • Sexual Health Services 22 years and under
  • Your first appointment when you enrol with us
  • Palliative Care for patients and their family
  • Diabetes – x1 free annual review per year
  • CVD Risk assessment for heart conditions
  • Care Extra for High Needs Patients


What is POAC?

Primary Options for Acute Care (POAC) is a service that your GP can use to help you stay out of hospital. It allows us to access more expensive investigations such as x-ray and treatments like antibiotics via intravascular infusion that we can deliver at our medical centre. Apart from the initial consult charge, the rest of the care required under POAC is free. POAC usually provides care for approximately 3 days and then you would be discharged from this service.